The Future of Microbiome Research

Out of the Lab and Into the Clinic

The Future Direction of Microbiome ResearchSince the first human metagenomic study was published in 2006, research into the human microbiome has boomed. With large-scale collaborative projects under way and sequencing data placed in the public domain, there is a rich source of information for researchers and companies looking for opportunities in this exciting field.

In this white paper, leading international experts comment on the transformation of microbiome research over the last few years and predict what treatments may become available in the future.


  • Sarkis Mazmanian, Professor of Microbiology, California Institute of Technology
  • Mohan Iyer, CBO Second Genome
  • Heidi Nelson, Chair, Department of Surgery, Mayo Clinic
  • Huiying Li, Assistant Professor, UCLA
  • Eva Berkes, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, Quorum Innovations
  • Jennifer Fettweis, Project Director, Vaginal Microbiome Consortium, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Arpita Mait, Director, External R&D Innovation, Inflammation and Immunology Pfizer Inc.
  • Pierre Belichard, CEO, Enterome
  • Bill Shannon, Managing Partner (Analytics), BioRankings, LLC.
  • James Vitale, Director, Head of RMS Marketing, Taconic
  • Jen Harry, CEO, Ondek Pty
  • Alex Stevenson, CSO, 4D Pharma plc

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